Review: No Age – You’re A Target (Single)

30 Sep

Publication: Edinburgh Student
Date Published: September 2009
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A definite step out of their comfort zone, You’re A Target serves as a landmark in a move towards maturity for lo-fi darlings No Age. The excessive distortion and delightfully carefree structures which led to such critical acclaim for their 2008 debut, Nouns, have been reined in, replaced by somewhat more comprehensible lyrics and something approximating traditional verses and choruses. Powered forward by drummer Spunt’s ball-achingly fast drum line, nicely complemented Randall’s delightfully simple hook, the sheer brutal energy of the song is almost enough to paper over its biggest failing; that fatiguing sense of predictability and over-familiarity which sets in long before the three hectic minutes have come to a crashing halt.

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